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5G NR PUCCH and PDCCH Implementation on FPGA


The 5G NR (New Radio) wireless communication standard introduces advanced features and capabili- ties to enable ultra-fast data rates, low latency, and massive device connectivity. Implementation of the 5G (L1) traditionally involved proprietary software and hardware solutions, limiting the accessibility for researchers, developers, and smaller organizations. This paper presents an alternative approach to 5G NR PUCCH (Physical Uplink Control Channel) and PDCCH (Physical Downlink Control Channel) imple- mentation on FPGA using open-source tools fostering innovation, collaboration and customization. This case study provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for prototyping, testing, and deploying 5G NR PUCCH and PDCCH functionality. By utilizing open-source platforms, researchers and developers gain access to a vast library of pre-existing signal processing blocks and modulation schemes, accelerating the development process. Furthermore, this highlights the collaborative nature of open-source communities, allowing for knowledge sharing, code contributions, and rapid prototyping.

This paper outlines the following:

  • Implementation of various coding blocks for PUCCH and PDCCH transmitter as specified in TS 38.211 and TS 38.212 (Release 15).
  • Open-source tools and pre-existing libraries.
  • Used Xilinx ZCU-102 FPGA board to show optimal resource utilization and rapid prototyping.

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