Wireless Connection Manager


Spanidea uConnect solution (Wireless ConnectionManager) (CM) to Dlink/Broadcom/Altiostar customers

Value Add

Wireless Connection Manager (CM) Solution, a quality solution to multiple customers

uConnect Feature :

  • Manage Network Connection
  • Configure Client device, Search for best(prioritize) network, Connect and maintain connections

  • Manage connections in Hybrid Networks
  • When LTE is rolled out, it will not replace 3G/2G, but augment it. So, a CM should maintain the connection as the LTE devices move out of LTE coverage, and roll back to 3G/2G. Also, supports Wi-Fi offloading

  • Support for both Hosted and Host-less Modes
  • Architecture offers the flexibility to run in both CPEs as well as user devices

  • Manage Multiple data connections
  • With LTE, many connections with varying QoS may have to be actively managed over UConnect

  • Support “APN Aware”Applications
  • Support apps that are built for 4G networks. UConnect will manage multiple secondary EPS bearer context