UConnect- Connection Management Platform


  • Manage Network Connection - Configure Client device, Search for best network, Connect and maintain connections. Provides an intuitive interface to Discover, Configure, Control and Connect to different Network technologies
  • Manage connections in Hybrid Networks - Allows seamless transition between LTE, 3G/2G and WIFI. CM maintains the connection as the LTE devices move out of LTE coverage and roll back to 3G/2G. Also supports WiFi offloading
  • Support for both Hosted and Host-less Modes - Architecture offers the flexibility to run in both CPEs as well as user devices
  • Manage Multiple data connections - With LTE, many connections with varying QoS may have to be actively managed over UConnect
  • Support "APN Aware" Applications - Support apps that are built for 4G networks. UConnect will manage multiple secondary EPS bearer contexts

UConnect - Device Profiles

UConnect can work in 3 different Device profiles

  • Desktop/Laptop

    where UConnect runs as an application on the host. UConnect here manages connections of various technologies like WiFi, 3G, 4G/LTE etc and also provides detailed statistics for each of the technologies.
  • Phone/Tablet

    where UConnect runs as an app on the device. UConnect leverages management frameworks on the device based on OS platform. An example is UConnect running on an Android phone and utilizing the Telephony framework.
  • Connected Device

    where UConnect is embedded into a device such as a Camera, Set Top Box, Gaming console etc. The target device would have WiFi, Data connectivity capabilities, which would be managed by UConnect.

    UConnect for Phones/Tablets

    • Phones and Tablets have multiple network connections in the form of Data and WiFi networks.
    • UConnect on a phone switches between a Data and a WiFi connection.
    • The switch between networks can be user-driven (Manual) or Automatic. In the case of an automatic switch, UConnect switches to a known WiFi network from an existing Data connection, when the priority of WiFi is kept higher.
    • A switch from WiFi to a data connection is also done, when the WiFi network goes out of range.
    • UConnect offers a unique feature to Smartphones and tablets called ANDSF - Access Network Discovery and Selection Function.

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