The telecommunications industry is on the cusp of a paradigm shift. The unprecedented growth of mobility makes it imperative for telcos to increase their communication infrastructure to broaden geographical reach. Given the capital-intensive nature of investments, there is an urgent need to leverage technologies such as software defined networking, network function virtualization, and cloud computing to reduce costs, decouple hardware from software, and ease monitoring and maintenance of infrastructure.

In this age of enterprise mobility, there is also a constant demand for better connectivity and faster networks. Apart from voice, customers are increasingly demanding access to video and multimedia content on their smartphones on-the-go. IoT is yet another opportunity that the telecom industry must gear up for. As the world moves rapidly from 3G to LTE and beyond, the telecom industry needs to respond quickly to changing dynamics

What we have

A rich portfolio of solutions that help you straddle the varied challenges in offering wired, wireless, and cloud services to your customers with equal ease. A comprehensive suite of offerings to address the entire spectrum of engineering requirements of LTE silicon vendors, OEMs, network equipment manufacturers and operators. An array of reusable software components that can significantly reduce time-to-market of new models. Deep domain expertise that has, over the years, translated into a range of demo able proof of concepts/prototypes & solutions developed in-house

    Our Offerings

    • Datacom (Routing/ Switching) Development/Sustenance/Maintenance and Testing
    • SDN Enhancements, Sustenance, and Testing
    • LTE Development/Sustenance/Maintenance and Testing
    • WLAN Development, porting, integration and validating
    • Development of extensions such as 802.11d,h,k
    • Bluetooth Development and prototyping
    • VoIP Solutions Development, Enhancements, Sustenance, and Testing


Sr Director Networking & Telecom Product Company

SpanIdea Services has provided us outstanding support. Very professional and responsive for all our wireless and networking projects. Thank you so much for all the work you put in.

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