SpanFi allows managing wifi from anywhere. This is a vendor-neutral stack and can be deployed on public cloud or on-prem infrastructure SpanIdea’s solution with 802.11ax/ac AP family includes tri/dual-radio to meet the most challenging client performance and density requirements, and support additional capabilities to ensure secure, robust, and reliable wireless connectivity.


SpanFi helps the operator to quickly onboard customer equipment and take early preventive measures by using the log and metric analysis.


Feature Contribution :

Device onboarding – onboard and do initial provisioning out-of-box nodes


Identity management – Manages the device identity concerns


Provisioning – Change wifi configurations of the field device.

Diagnostics – Log analysis module to alert the operator


Firmware Over The Air (FOTA)– Firmware upgradation support


Self care portal – End user can view and change configuration of his/her device