Semiconductors have been instrumental in revolutionizing the creation of new products on the one hand and on the other, ensure the permeation of its benefits to the masses. Today, semiconductors power every product: from the commonplace to the complex. Semiconductors have become sophisticated platforms that enable rapid product development that is catalyzing disruption.

To meet the challenges there is a need for a high degree of flexibility and innovation in order to constantly adjust to the rapid pace of change in the market. Many products embedding semiconductor devices often have a very short life cycle, at the same time, the rate of constant price-performance improvement in the semiconductor industry is staggering. As a consequence, changes in the semiconductor market occur extremely rapid and at the same time market strongholds can be displaced very quickly. The Semiconductor industry positions itself in a unique situation as a technology enabler. The challenges of continuous growth in a cyclical pattern with high volatility and rapid rate of development.

    Our Offerings

    • RTL Coding and Verification
    • Synthesis, Static Timing Analysis(STA)
    • Design for Testability (DFT)
    • Formal Verification (LEC & Model Checking)
    • Physical Design (PD)
    • Analog Mixed Signal Design & Custom Layout
    • Design IP & Verification IP Development
    • FPGA Design & Verification, Validation & Prototyping
    • Embedded Software development


Director Engineering Leading Semiconductor MNC

We involve SpanIdea in most of our VLSI projects and their experience has been really appreciating. On all projects where SpanIdea is involved, our chip & board bring-up time was far ahead of schedule with given Engineering team domain expertise.

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