Network Monitoring software via SNMP based networking


US based Product company on Performance monitoring domain


Network Monitoring software via SNMP based networking monitoring backend code. Software based on Linux Push Network statistics in predefined Jason format to a webserver.

Value Add

Successfully delivered and deployed for the customer on time

SpanIdea Contribution

  • Develop and deploy the network monitoring Router Agent
  • Identification of MIB objects to monitor and collect statistics
  • Router agent on Linux Fedora (19+) based OS –Deployed on the cloud
  • Periodically collect and upload Router statistics of a list of routers
  • Upload to be done in Jason format to a Web Server
  • SNMP based utility to do the selected MIB walks
  • Test framework to test the implementation


Linux platform

SpanIdea took complete ownership of project with 4 member team and provides solution on time. It got deployed at customer location.