Multimedia Middleware & Automotive

A software is a key differentiator for any device to be successful and as technology advancements enable newer and feature rich applications, the complexity and the requirements for software is kept increasing. Development of portable, flexible, scalable and maintainable software is critical to sustained market leadership.

SpanIdea team has expertise in developing multimedia software for a wide range of products used in the areas of setup box, infotainment and consumer electronic. With experienced professionals and decades of experience, we provide end to end services in Multimedia, Middleware & Media apps .

    Multimedia & Middleware

    • System : Media SOC, AP, single & multi-core ARM, DSP, Media Accelerators
    • Codec : MPEG, H.26x, VC-1, RV, MJPEG, JPEG, MP3, WMA,AAC, G.72x
    • Media Sub-systems : Camera/Audio/Display framework, 2D/3D Graphics, Composting, Rendering
    • Media frameworks : Stagefright, AudioFlinger, GStreamer, VLC, OpenMax, ffmeg,V4L2
    • Protocol stacks : SIP, RTP, RTSP, RTCP, SRTP, HLS, MPEG-DASH, DLNA, UPnP, RDP
    • Application : Video Conferencing, Infotainment system, ADAS

    • Automotive

    • System Engineering
    • Electronics Hardware Design and Prototyping
    • Firmware for Automotive 8/16/32 bit MCU
    • RTOS: uC-OS/EmbOS/Android/Linux/QNX
    • Middleware Development and Embedded Software Development
    • Audio/Video Codec integration, Multimedia frameworks
    • Device & Field Testing, System Testing, Compliance Testing and Automation
    • Battery Management

    • ADAS
    • Porting/Integration/Optimization of ADAS algorithms
    • System/Platform Integration and Validation
    • Sensor Frameworks and Drivers/App Development like Drowsiness Detection, Object Detection.

    • Infotainment
    • Platform Bringup with Linux, QNX, Android
    • HMI Design
    • Navigation Integration
    • Multimedia Integration : Audio, Video and Radio
    • Connectivity : Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 802.11p/WAVE

    • Networking & Diagnostics
    • Vehicle Networking protocol stack development (CAN/ISO15765)
    • Vehicle Diagnostic support (J1939/KWP2000)
    • Telematics (Remote Access, Collison notify, location, emergency call, diagnostics & maintenance)
    • Test Automation Framework and Verification/Validation

    • Connectivity & Protocol Stacks
    • WLAN, GPS and Bluetooth Stacks
    • WLAN/GPS/Bluetooth driver/application development/porting/integration and QA
    • WLAN Automotive Grade RSU/OBU
    • WIFI/GPS/BT systems/performance/compliance/ interoperability testing and certification


    Co-Founder Engineering Company

    We have been very impressed with the flexibility and dedication that SpanIdea has shown towards our assignment. I am truly amazed at how quickly SpanIdea team will respond to the questions that we have. With its products and solutions, SpanIdea has been able to support some of our Media and App projects.

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