Middleware & Application Software Engineering

Software is a key differentiator for any device to be successful and as technology advancements enable newer and feature-rich applications, the complexity and the requirements for software is kept increasing. The development of portable, flexible, scalable, and maintainable software is critical to sustained market leadership.

SpanIdea team has expertise in developing middleware & Application software for a wide range of products used in the areas such as setup box, ADAS, infotainment, networking, wireless, and consumer electronics. With experienced professionals and decades of experience, Spanidea provides end to end solutions & services in the following areas such as :

Multimedia & Middleware

 Media SOC

 MPEG, H.26x, VC-1, RV, MJPEG

 Camera/Audio/Display framework

 Media frameworks

 Protocol stacks


System Engineering



Networking & Diagnostics

Connectivity & Protocol Stacks


Protocol Development/integration

Application layer development and enhancement

WLAN access point/controller feature

Custom Wireless Solution

 IP Networking

Application Layer Dev and Enhancement

L3 Routing Experience

L2/L3 Switch Experience

L2/PHY Layer

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