Internet of Things

Internet of things (IoT) is driving the smart revolution and taking industrial automation to a whole new level. IoT also opens up several new possibilities in terms of remote diagnostics and data mining. As this new wave of technology sweeps the industrial automation domain, companies across verticals are looking for cost-effective ways to upgrade their systems.


The Internet of Things will require a network that can handle increased demand for data analytics, agility, and security.There can be no Internet of Things (IoT) without the network to support it. Sensors and gadgets will gather increasingly vast amounts of data. But the Internet of Things is about more than just gadgets and displays; the amount of data gathered will seriously impact the network, and the networking industry needs to evaluate possible implications.


Sensors are now found in a wide variety of applications, such as smart mobile devices, automotive systems, industrial control, healthcare, oil exploration and climate monitoring. Sensors are used almost everywhere, and now sensor technology is beginning to closely mimic the ultimate sensing machine the human being. The technology that allows this to happen is IoT.

Product Engineering

Enhance and individualize your product experience. At SpanIdea, we transform complex technologies into simple, intuitive and distinct user experiences that drive loyalty and your business advantage. From firmware development for devices and client application development for mobile devices to user experience design and rich Internet application development, we have the expertise to address any software engineering and development needs required to build IoT solutions.


SpanIdea IoT architecture allows things to communicate over Hypertext Transfer Protocol and is easily adopted for IoT applications to provide communication from a thing to a central web server.

    Our Offerings

    • Design for devices and sensors
    • Connectivity, device management
    • Big Data & Network Management
    • Mobile & Web-based App development
    • User Experience and UI design


CTO Smart IoT Solutions Company

We have been very impressed with the flexibility and dedication that SpanIdea has shown towards our assignment. Your understanding, knowledge on IoT and the proactiveness that you showed in helping us get our project completed on time were very impressive.

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