Enterprise WLAN Solution

SpanIdea high-performance 802.11 and low cost access points, for corporate and campus wireless LANs (WLAN) provide Wi-Fi client access across a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments.

SpanIdea’s Controller-less low cost Enterprise solution with 802.11n AP family includes single and dual-radio options to meet the most challenging client performance and density requirements, and support additional capabilities to ensure secure and reliable wireless connectivity.

    • Adaptive Radio Management technology optimizes Wi-Fi client behavior and automatically ensures that APs stay clear of interference, resulting in a more reliable, higher performance WLAN.
    • Integrated wireless security identifies and mitigates against wireless intrusions and rogue devices.
    • Integrated spectrum analysis identifies sources of RF interference.
    • Remote AP enables secure network access to corporate resources in remote locations.

OUTDOOR Enterprise AP

INDOOR Enterprise AP