Embedded Systems

The software is a key differentiator for any device to be successful. As technology advancements enable newer, feature-rich applications, the complexity and the requirements for software kept on increasing. As hardware has become more powerful & complex and embedded software is a key driver in areas such as consumer electronics, Automotive, industrial automation, medical devices, and semiconductor so development of portable, flexible, scalable and maintainable software is critical to sustained market leadership.

Spanidea with strong & big engineering team has expertise in software development tools, microprocessors, processors system, different OS and real-time operating systems. With experienced professionals and decades of experience, we provide end to end services for New Product Development, Product Enhancement, Sustenance, Testing and Verification.

    Our Offerings

    • Diagnostics, System & H/W Validation
    • Board Bringup BSP
    • Device Driver Development under RTOS/Linux/Windows/RTOS/Firmware
    • Linux Kernel/Hypervisor
    • Platform Migration (OS Porting, Kernel & bootloader)
    • Standard and Custom Protocol Stack Development
    • Embedded Middleware/Application on a different flavor of Linux/RTOS
    • Embedded UI Design, Use case Engineering
    • Modem and Sensor Integration for IoT / M2M Connectivity
    • Pre-silicon and post-silicon validation
    • Test bench, simulator development and enhancement
    • Optimization : Memory/CPU/Boot/Power


Sr. Director Engineering Leading Product Company

SpanIdea is our choice for outsourcing all our embedded projects from past 4+ years because of their strong engineering team and domain embedded expertise. The team is very professional, hardworking and dedicated to work towards a project success as per schedule timeline. It has been a pleasure working with such an effective, responsible and committed team.

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