The Edu-Tech industry is transforming and growing rapidly. There is a bigger demand for easy access, convenience, and flexibility to learners utilizing innovation in technology. Virtual learning has become a need and seamless access to content using the mobile app has brought unprecedented changes to the EdTech industry.


With the new learning world, the learning management system has become an integral part of the Smart classroom to provide a systematic learning mechanism following process, managing curriculum, tracking student & automatics communication to parents.

SpanIdea is a leading product engineering services company with excellent domain expertise across Edu-tech segments from engineering, emerging markets, and e-learning innovations. SpanIdea has been supporting several Edu-tech players to provide solutions with quality e-learning experience.

What we have

Unparalleled expertise in developing smart solutions that work reliably even in bandwidth constraint environments.


Expertise in ensuring regulatory compliance with several domestic and international safety standards.


An array of reusable software components that can significantly reduce the time-to-market of new models.

Our Offerings

SpanIdea is proving digital technology solutions in the education sector and also helping to migrate the content to the modern educational industry.

Learning Management System (LMS)


Virtual Video Classroom Solution


Virtual Audio Classroom Solution


Classroom Private & Public Streaming


E-learning Mobile Application

E-learning Software


Edutech e-portal & Email server


Utilizing AI/ML/Analytics to improve learning


E-learning hosted solution on Private and Public Cloud platform


Custom E-learning solution

Sr Director
Networking & Telecom Product Company

“ SpanIdea Services has provided us outstanding support. Very professional and responsive for all our wireless and networking projects. Thank you so much for all the work you put in.”

Sr Director
Networking & Telecom Product Company