Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering is the fusion of advanced digital technologies with best-in-class product engineering capabilities, delivering physical resource-intensive processes in a digital environment.

Existing engineering capabilities based on sequential approaches and extensive physical testing are incapable of delivering the complex products of the future. Digital engineering solutions will play a critical part in the journey to develop the (‘net-zero’) mobility products and services of tomorrow and meet this generation’s customer expectations.


Along with great opportunity, the emergence of the Internet of Everything presents technological, organizational, process, regulatory, cultural, and other challenges, which need to be solved because the benefits of increased connectedness, to business and society alike, far outweigh these challenges.

With the high degree of connectedness, the need to protect the privacy and security of individuals, systems, and organizations of all kinds, giving them the power to choose and control how their information is shared.


Developing technological capabilities has become easier and more cost-effective as mobility, cloud, and other IT service models enable companies to acquire the right technologies, in the right amounts, at a reasonable cost. Today’s bleeding-edge capabilities will quickly become tomorrow’s “table stakes.” Given this, Enterprises must continue to invest in the innovative technologies that will enable the unique offerings and business models that generate profits from IoE to achieve long-term success.


With more and more companies gaining access to technology and innovations that level the playing field, such as cloud computing, what really matters is how to harness these innovations to maximize value realized from IoE. To that end, the top three challenges in realizing value in a connected environment are :

Investing in the right technology infrastructure and capabilities


Integrating new technologies with legacy IT environments


Updating processes to absorb new technologies

Software is a key differentiator for any device to be successful and technology advancements enable newer and feature-rich applications. 

Digital technologies are rapidly changing and we bring together the power of a domain, enterprise, and digital to achieve our objectives and stay ahead of our competitors. We provide end-to-end digital engineering services in IoT, Cloud, Mobile, and other technologies.   


SpanIdea has touched millions of field devices in the last few years and now with IoT & AI/ML bringing billions of smart connected devices, it is a bigger opportunity to contribute to play a significant part in the bigger revolution.  In the last 10+ years, Spanidea has developed many solutions starting with

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Cloud Engineering

Cloud has become a key ingredient for all modern applications and digital transformation. SpanIdea with its expertise in cloud engineering help businesses with cloud adaption along with cloud application development/integration/deployment on various public and private cloud by leveraging & utilizing the best of emerging technology to provide scalability and user experience.

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Data Engineering

Being a product engineering leader, Spanidea provides data engineering and analytics services to its global customers to maximize value, bringing impact, and achieve bigger business goals.

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SpanIdea AI & ML services help global customers with custom next-generation solutions powered with Artificial intelligence. Spanidea has a dedicated Center of excellence towards AI/ML and collaborating with world-leading institutes to provide AI/ML-based solutions.

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Being product engineering leader, Spanidea provides DevOps engineering services to its global customers to ensure rapid deployment of high-quality and scalable software to achieve business goals. We utilize DevOps to deliver applications and services at high speed, scalability, security, and reliability to value add our businesses.

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Being product engineering leader, SpanIdea provides end-to-end mobile application development, integration, and deployment as part of the mobility engineering services portfolio as detailed below.

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UI/UX Services

Being end to end product engineering company, SpanIdea provides seamless and responsive interfaces and design expertise for customer obsession. SpanIdea offers UX/UI for

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