Cloud Engineering

The broad-based adoption of information technology (IT) — and the advent of cloud-based capabilities — has leveled the playing field for firms around the world. Market incumbents are increasingly pressured by disruptive innovators and gaining market share through the innovative application of technology.


In nearly all industries, an accelerating innovation curve — in which market discontinuities arising from video, social, mobile, and cloud-based capabilities unlock new competitive dynamics — is reshaping the business landscape. In this environment, barriers to market entry are falling, customers are demanding new ways of interacting, In a world characterized by technology-driven parity and fleeting competitive advantages, many business leaders are asking, “Where will the next wave of value come from for our company?”

Cloud has become a key ingredient for all modern applications and digital transformation. SpanIdea with its expertise in cloud engineering help businesses with cloud adaption along with cloud application development/integration/deployment on various public and private cloud by leveraging & utilizing the best of emerging technology to provide scalability and user experience.

With deep domain knowledge, SpanIdea provides cloud engineering expertise towards:

Cloud Infra Mgmt.

Our seasoned cloud architects help you set up elastic cloud infrastructure to support your application needs.

Elastic computing  


Data Storage, migration & archival  


Caching & load balancing

CDN setup  


SSL Setup

Cloud XaaS Development

Implement cloud enterprise XaaS solutions-web app, mobile app, big data, dashboards, IOT, e-commerce

Application UI/UX design  


Solution architecture design  


Web and mobile application development

API & third-party cloud integ.  


SQL and NoSQL database management and migration  


Performance optimization

Cloud Quality Eng.

We perform agile, automated and comprehensive end-to-end system testing

Cloud acceptance testing  


Cloud functional and stress testing  


Cloud scalability & performance testing  


Cloud security and disaster recovery testing

Validation of cloud-based IoT solution  


Validation of cloud interoperability  


Cloud DevOps (CI/CD)


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