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Next Generation Smart Watch Development

Customer: US Customer

Background: Spanidea Systems aimed to develop the next generation of smartwatches for a US customer. The smartwatch was designed as a wearable device with a 3-inch TFT color LCD touch display. It featured various connectivity options, including LTE, WiFi, NFC, BLE, and GPS. Sensor integration was a key aspect of the smartwatch, incorporating sensors such as an accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, light sensor, and GPS. Health monitoring functionalities such as step counting and sleep tracking were also included. The smartwatch was powered by a lithium battery, providing 24-hour battery life. The hardware platform chosen for the development was the Qualcomm Wear 3100, which integrated the necessary modem, Bluetooth/WiFi/NFC, and GPS chipsets, along with various sensors. The software components involved Wear OS, modem firmware, application firmware for WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS, as well as AWS cloud integration.

Solution Provided by Spanidea:

  • Hardware Platform Integration: Spanidea Systems undertook the integration of the Qualcomm Wear 3100 hardware platform into the smartwatch design. This involved incorporating the integrated modem for LTE connectivity, as well as the Bluetooth/WiFi/NFC and GPS chipsets. The various sensors required for the smartwatch’s functionalities were also integrated into the hardware platform.
  • Software Development: Spanidea Systems developed the necessary software components to enable the smartwatch’s functionalities. This included customizing and integrating the Wear OS, which served as the operating system for the smartwatch. Modem firmware was developed to enable LTE connectivity, while application firmware was implemented for WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS functionalities. The integration of these firmware components ensured seamless communication and connectivity options for the smartwatch.
  • Sensor Integration and Health Monitoring: Spanidea incorporated multiple sensors into the smartwatch design, including an accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, light sensor, and GPS. The integration of these sensors enabled various health monitoring functionalities, such as step counting and sleep tracking. Users could track their physical activities and monitor their sleep patterns using the smartwatch, providing valuable insights for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • AWS Cloud Integration: Spanidea Systems integrated the smartwatch with AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud services. This allowed for seamless data synchronization and storage, enabling users to access their health and activity data from multiple devices. The cloud integration also facilitated additional features such as data analysis, personalized recommendations, and remote device management.
  • Conclusion: Spanidea Systems successfully developed the next generation smartwatch for the US customer. By leveraging the Qualcomm Wear 3100 hardware platform, they integrated LTE, WiFi, NFC, BLE, and GPS connectivity options, along with various sensors for health monitoring. The customization and integration of the Wear OS provided a user-friendly interface and access to a wide range of smartwatch applications. The incorporation of AWS cloud services enabled data synchronization, storage, and advanced analytics capabilities. Spanidea’s expertise in hardware integration, software development, and cloud integration ensured the delivery of a feature-rich and highly functional smartwatch that met the customer’s requirements for the US market.

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