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Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) Development

Customer: IoT Device Manufacturer

Background: Spanidea Systems was engaged by an IoT device manufacturer to develop a Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) feature for their devices. The objective was to enable the devices to receive firmware updates remotely using the AWS IoT core. The specific device model for this project was the Nordic Thingy91 (PCA20035).

Solution Provided by Spanidea:

  • Requirement Analysis and Design: Spanidea Systems collaborated closely with the customer to understand their requirements for the FOTA feature. They conducted in-depth discussions and analysis to determine the necessary functionality and integration with the AWS IoT core. Based on the requirements, Spanidea designed a comprehensive FOTA solution for the Nordic Thingy91 device.
  • FOTA Development: The Spanidea team embarked on the development phase, focusing on creating the FOTA feature. They leveraged their expertise in firmware development and AWS IoT services to implement the necessary functionality. The FOTA feature was designed to enable the device to securely receive and install firmware updates over the air using the AWS IoT core.
  • Integration with Asset Tracker Firmware: Spanidea Systems integrated the FOTA feature into the existing Asset Tracker firmware of the Nordic Thingy91 device. They ensured seamless compatibility and interaction between the FOTA functionality and the device’s core firmware. The integration process involved thorough testing and validation to guarantee smooth operation and reliability.
  • Validation and Testing: The developed FOTA feature underwent rigorous validation and testing by the Spanidea team. They conducted a range of tests to verify the reliability, security, and performance of the FOTA functionality. This included testing the firmware update process, ensuring successful installation, and verifying the integrity of the updated firmware.
  • Deployment and AWS Integration: Once the FOTA feature was successfully developed and validated, Spanidea Systems assisted the customer in deploying the solution to their IoT devices. They facilitated the integration of the FOTA feature with the AWS IoT core, ensuring seamless communication and secure firmware updates over the air. The team provided comprehensive documentation and guidance to support the deployment process.
  • Conclusion: Spanidea Systems successfully developed a Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) feature for the Nordic Thingy91 IoT device, enabling remote firmware updates using the AWS IoT core. By leveraging their expertise in firmware development and AWS IoT services, Spanidea delivered a robust and secure FOTA solution. The integration with the Asset Tracker firmware ensured a seamless user experience. Through thorough testing, validation, and deployment support, Spanidea Systems enabled the customer to efficiently update their IoT devices’ firmware over the air, enhancing device functionality and ensuring the latest firmware versions were easily accessible.

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