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End-to-End Energy and Lighting Control

Customer: US Energy Management Company

Background: Spanidea Systems was approached by a US energy management company to develop an end-to-end solution for monitoring and controlling energy consumption. The objective was to provide a dashboard console that could be accessed over a public network, allowing users to monitor and control energy usage remotely. The solution involved the integration of third-party hardware, including the Particle P1 device and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) device. Spanidea aimed to deliver a comprehensive software solution that included firmware development, cloud integration, and the development of iOS, Android, and web applications.

Solution Provided by Spanidea:

  • Hardware Integration: Spanidea Systems integrated the Particle P1 device and BLE device into the energy management system. They ensured seamless connectivity and communication between the devices and the software components.
  • Firmware Development: Spanidea developed firmware for the Particle and BLE devices. The firmware was designed to facilitate data collection, real-time monitoring, and control of energy consumption. It enabled the devices to communicate with the cloud and the dashboard console.
  • Cloud Integration: Spanidea integrated the Particle Cloud with the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud platform. They leveraged the Particle Cloud to manage device connectivity, data storage, and event forwarding to the AWS cloud. This integration allowed for secure and scalable cloud-based energy management.
  • AWS Cloud Application Development: Spanidea Systems developed an AWS cloud application to handle the data received from the devices. The cloud application processed and analyzed the energy consumption data, providing valuable insights and generating reports. It also facilitated the control of energy usage through remote commands.
  • Dashboard Console Development: Spanidea designed and developed a user-friendly dashboard console in the form of iOS, Android, and web applications. These applications allowed users to monitor energy consumption in real-time, access historical data, and control energy devices remotely. The dashboard provided a comprehensive view of energy usage and offered intuitive controls for managing energy consumption.
  • Conclusion: Spanidea Systems successfully developed an end-to-end energy and lighting control solution for a US energy management company. Their contributions included firmware development for the Particle and BLE devices, cloud integration with the Particle and AWS platforms, AWS cloud application development for data processing and control, and the development of iOS, Android, and web applications for the dashboard console. The solution enabled users to remotely monitor and control energy consumption from a user-friendly interface. By leveraging the capabilities of third-party hardware and advanced software components, Spanidea Systems delivered a comprehensive energy management system that enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and provided valuable insights for the US customer.

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