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Development of an Online Web Conferencing Platform

Client: Leading Ed Tech Company

Problem Statement: The client, a leading Ed Tech company, required the development of an online web conferencing platform. The platform was intended to be used for official group meetings and online learning. The initial requirement was for a web application, with subsequent plans to scale up for Android and iOS platforms.

Spanidea Solution: Spanidea provided a comprehensive solution for the development of the online web conferencing platform, addressing the client’s requirements and scaling needs. The solution included the following key aspects:

  • Server Deployment and Upgradation:
    • Spanidea deployed the server infrastructure required to support the web conferencing platform. The servers were optimized for performance and scalability, ensuring a smooth and reliable user experience. Continuous upgradation and maintenance were performed to keep the platform updated with the latest technologies and security patches.
  • White-labeling and Customization:
    • The platform was customized to meet the client’s branding requirements. Spanidea implemented white-labeling changes, enabling the client to showcase their own branding elements and establish a unique identity for the platform. Major customizations were also implemented to tailor the platform to the specific needs and features desired by the client.
  • Integration with Android and Desktop Apps:
    • Spanidea developed and integrated Android and desktop applications, allowing users to access the web conferencing platform from various devices. This expansion ensured easy access and flexibility for users, accommodating their preferences and providing a seamless experience across different platforms.
  • Automation and Integration with AWS Services:
    • Spanidea leveraged AWS services to automate various tasks and enhance platform functionality. AWS Event Bridge was used for event-driven automation, while AWS EC2 provided scalable computing resources. AWS Lambda facilitated serverless functions for specific tasks, such as automated deletion of raw recordings and transferring recordings to AWS S3. The integration with AWS S3 enabled efficient storage and management of recordings.
  • Business Benefits: The implementation of Spanidea’s solution brought several benefits to the client:

  • Efficiency and Automation:
    • Manual efforts were significantly reduced through automation. The automation of tasks, such as deleting extra recordings and transferring recordings to AWS S3, streamlined processes and improved operational efficiency.
  • Customized Platform:
    • The client was able to establish their own branded portal for conducting meetings and online learning. The white-labeling and customization features provided a personalized experience, aligning with the client’s brand identity and enhancing user engagement.
  • Multi-Device Accessibility:
    • The platform’s availability on web, Android, and desktop devices provided users with easy access from various devices. This flexibility allowed participants to join meetings and learning sessions conveniently, regardless of their preferred device.
  • Key Technologies: The key technologies used in the development of the online web conferencing platform included:

    • ReactJS and JavaScript: These technologies were utilized for frontend development, providing a modern and interactive user interface.
    • AWS Event Bridge, AWS EC2, AWS Lambda, and AWS S3: These AWS services were integrated into the platform to automate tasks, manage server infrastructure, facilitate serverless functions, and store recordings efficiently.
    • MySQL: MySQL was used as the database management system to store and manage platform data.

    This case study demonstrates Spanidea’s successful development of an online web conferencing platform for a leading Ed Tech company. By deploying servers, implementing white-labeling and customization, integrating with Android and desktop apps, and automating various tasks using AWS services, Spanidea provided the client with a customized, efficient, and accessible platform for group meetings and online learning.

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