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AI-Enabled Exam Monitoring and Integrity Solution

Problem Statement: The client, an online Ed-Tech company providing a platform for conducting exams on behalf of multiple institutes, needed to enhance their existing platform with AI capabilities to monitor and supervise online exams. They aimed to ensure the integrity of the exams by detecting any suspicious activities or breaches in exam rules.

Spanidea Solution: Spanidea developed an AI-enabled Exam Monitoring and Integrity Solution to address the client’s requirements. The solution incorporated advanced technologies to monitor and supervise online exams in real time. The following are the high-level features of the application:

  • Face Recognition and Candidate Registration:
    • The solution employed face recognition technology to verify the identity of candidates during exam registration. This ensured that only authorized candidates could participate in the exam.
  • Eye Movement Tracking:
    • AI algorithms tracked the movement of candidates’ eyes during the exam. This feature helped detect any abnormal eye movements, such as excessive glancing or looking away from the screen, which could indicate cheating.
  • Distraction Level Detection:
    • The application monitored the distraction level of candidates by analyzing their behavior during the exam. It used AI algorithms to identify actions that deviated from focused exam-taking, such as opening other applications or browsing unauthorized websites.
  • Device and Additional People Detection:
    • The solution detected any unauthorized devices connected to the candidate’s system during the exam. It also utilized AI to identify the presence of additional people in the candidate’s surroundings, which could indicate unauthorized assistance.
  • Candidate Report Generation:
    • Based on the analysis of candidate behavior and activity, the solution generated a credibility index for each candidate. This index indicated the level of integrity maintained during the exam. Detailed reports were provided to institutions, highlighting any concerning activities or breaches.
  • Red Marking and Screen Recording:
    • The application marked suspicious activities throughout the entirety of the exam through red flags. Additionally, the entire exam session was recorded to provide evidence and further analysis, if required.
  • Business Benefits: The implementation of Spanidea’s AI-enabled Exam Monitoring and Integrity Solution brought several benefits to the client and the participating institutions:

  • Increased Credibility and Reputation:
    • By ensuring the integrity of exams through AI monitoring, the solution enhanced the credibility and reputation of the participating institutions. It provided assurance that exams were conducted in a fair and secure manner.
  • Time and Resource Savings:
    • The solution reduced the need for human proctors, saving time and resources associated with manual monitoring. AI algorithms efficiently monitor multiple candidates simultaneously, enabling scalable exam supervision.
  • Ease of Proctoring:
    • The solution simplified the proctoring process by automatically highlighting candidates who breached the red flag threshold. Proctors could easily focus on candidates requiring additional attention, even in a room with multiple candidates.
  • Key Technologies: The key technologies employed in the development of the AI-enabled Exam Monitoring and Integrity Solution included:

    • Resnet: Used for face recognition and candidate identification.
    • Support Vector Machines (SVM): Applied for eye movement tracking and distraction level detection.
    • YOLO v7: Utilized for device and additional people detection.
    • Other AI algorithms and techniques for credibility index calculation and red marking.

    This case study highlights Spanidea’s successful implementation of an AI-enabled Exam Monitoring and Integrity Solution for an online Ed-Tech company. By leveraging face recognition, eye movement tracking, distraction level detection, and other AI capabilities, the solution ensured the integrity of online exams. The solution provided institutions with credibility, time and resource savings, and eased the proctoring process. By integrating AI technologies, the client was able to offer a secure and reliable exam platform for multiple institutes.

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