ANDSF-MM - ANDSF based WiFi Offloading Solution


ANDSF Mobility Manager (UMobility Manager)


The mobility manager is a selective, user-defined and operator assisted Wifi Offload solution that enables 4G network optimization through intelligent network access selection. Built on 3GPP standards, the UMobility Manager complies with ANDSF and OMA standards for device management. It is a ANDSF-EPS based solution that is portable to most device environment.


  • Allows operators to reduce network costs
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Offers HetNet management feature to leverage client and network information to identify & connect to the most optimal network

UMobility Manager can be bundled with UManage, an OMA-DM 1.2.1 based device management solution and UConnect, award winning connection management solution. UMobility Manager standard-based interface allows for a successful integration with all third party device management solution. This line of products provides the operator with a detailed network analysis to help streamline radio management and enhance network function.

Unique Features

  • Wi-Fi Onloading/Off loading
  • Data Driven off-loading.
  • Customizable trigger allowing user to switch networks
  • QoS Management
  • Reports detailing Network Analytics
  • Strong and reliable connection
  • Intelligent network selection

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