AI and ML

AI enables computers and machines to mimic the perception, learning, problem-solving, and decision-making capabilities of the human mind. Machine learning is a branch of AI that enables systems to learn and improve automatically through experience.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning function towards maturity over a period depending on the data and quality of said data. This speaks to specific organizations’ investment in data warehouses or data storage, as a part of the process of aligning assets for AI implementation. After all, data quality is a direct measure of the quality of data predictions. Building an enterprise-wide business management system enables companies to create robust platforms for big data for more than just descriptive analytics. It could include reporting and implementation methodologies around machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive and prescriptive analytics at scale.  


An enterprise-wide BI platform could also accelerate AI adoption via algorithms, deployment of best practices, and solutions. An organization’s deep analytics expertise can help in leveraging AI and ML more effectively.   Organizations are now in an ecosystem that increasingly requires decision-making that involves significant technology implications. But understanding the difference between AI, ML, and analytics, and the existence of the latter in the augmentation of the former is important and key to business-critical success. In the end, it’s always been about choosing the right tools for the right job.  


SpanIdea AI & ML services help global customers with custom next-generation solutions powered with Artificial intelligence.  SpanIdea has a dedicated Center of excellence towards AI/ML and collaborating with world-leading institutes to provide AI/ML-based solutions.

SpanIdea with deep AI/ML domain knowledge starting with:

Machine learning capabilities from edge to Cloud  


Expertise on frameworks: TENSORFLOW, KERAS, PYTOUCH , CAFFE, THEANO  


Expertise in NXVIDIA/Qualcomm HW platform  


Expertise in building solutions using open source libraries  


Advanced expertise in Neural Network Architecture like VGGNet

Following are few areas, where SpanIdea has helped global customers with its AI/ML practice services

Deep Learning & Predictive Analytics

Driver Behavior


Scalable Deep learning solutions


Actionable insights based on existing data, processes, customer, market

Image Analytics

Detect Object or attribute in an image


Human Activity recognition


Face Analytics: Detection, Reorganization, Demographics, Expression

Video Analytics

Identify & tag different entities in Video


Audio Analytics Motion/facial/license plate


Smart surveillance Queue/retails

Natural Language processing

Sentiment/Text Analytics


language detection, key phrase extraction, Document categorization, Content Classification


Conventional Interfaces and Chatbots


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