UCWMP TR069-CPE Wan Management Protocol

  • UCWMP - CPE Wan Management Protocol.

  • Designed and Coded in C - Portable to Embedded platforms, Modular design with APIs for each module.

  • Testing done with the PerlACS and OpenACS (Auto Configuration Server).

Software components :

  • UCWMPCore - the TR069 protocol runs in this module. Responsible for communicating with the ACS.

  • HTTPCtrlr - Manages the HTTP communication with the ACS.

  • XMLCtrlr - Frames the InForm request with the data available in the XML form to be sent to the ACS. Parses the response received and helps UCWMPCore to perform the action requested.

  • DeviceCtrlr - Manages the CPE device. Owns a database of all device related parameters. Offers a series of Set/Get APIs to work with the parameters. Uses SQLite DB to manage the parameter data.