ANDSF-MM - ANDSF based WiFi Offloading Solution


ANDSF Mobility Manager (UMobility Manager)


Developed by Umobile ,the mobility manager is a selective,user-defined and operator assisted Wi-fi-off-load solutions that enables 4G-lite network optimzation through intelligent network access selection.Built on 3GPP standard for ANDSF(Access network discovery and Selection Function) and OMA(Open Mobile Alliance) standard for DM(Device Management),Umobiles Ubility Manager is an,ANDSF-EPS based solutions that is portable to most device environment(Os andprocessor).


  • Allow operator to cut down network cost.
  • Optimizes network by improving network efficeincy.
  • Offers HetNet management feature to leverage client and network information,identify and connect to the most optimal network,at any point of time.

Umobility manager can also be bundled with UMobile's OMA-DM 1.2.1 based device management solution(UManage) and its award winning connection management solution (UConnect). Umobility manager standard-based interface makes its one of the best solution to be integrated with any third party device management solution. Umobility manager also empower the operator with network analysis and network conjestion details to help streamline radio manegement and enable network enhancement.

Unique Features

  • Wi-Fi Onloading/Off loading.
  • Operator or user defined trigger to switch network.
  • Network and application QoS management.
  • Analysis and reports for operators.
  • Data Driven off-loading.
  • Always best connected.
  • Intelligent network selection.

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